NZH Public Transport Museum Foundation
NZH Vervoer Maatschappij (NZH Public Transport Company) has an established name since 1881. From the very start a leading entrepreneur in the public transport sector. Unfortunately recent far reaching developments and many changes have put this to a halt. Fortunately some people realized that NZH has become a relevant of our history. These people started to collect and preserve all kind of objects and artefacts related to NZH’s history. Their efforts allowed the NZH Public Transport Museum Foundation to arrange for u to see what course history has taken in the public transport sector.

The NZH Vervoer Museum is located in De Waarderpolder in Haarlem.

The address is: A. Hofmanweg 35, 2031BH

Telephone: 023 5444032

E-mail algemeen@nzh-vervoermuseum.nl

Opening hours:

Saturdays: 11 AM to 4 PM

Admission fees:
Adult: € 5.50 p.p.
Child, age 4 to 12  yrs  € 3,00
age 0 to 4 yrs free

Groups bigger than 10 people, € 4,50 p.p.

The entrance to our museum, as well the restrooms are easily accessible for people using wheelchairs.